Wind Energy Makes Positive Impact to Indiana's Economy

A recent report shows wind energy contributes more than $40 million each year to Indiana’s economy.

The report from the federal government’s National Renewable Energy Lab looked at Indiana’s wind energy projects initiated between 2008 and 2011.

It shows the projects led to 260 ongoing jobs.

During the construction of the projects, some 4,400 jobs were supported, as well as $570 million in economic activity.

Jodi Perras is the Senior Representative for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. She notes that  the report doesn’t even include the last three years of wind energy projects in the state and still you can see the  potential that renewable energy jobs can have on Indiana.

“Gov. Pence is now preparing a 20 year plan for Indiana’s energy future, and that’s something we’d like to see more of an emphasis on, is you know, let’s move into wind energy and solar energy, which are technologies that are powering many states today,” she says.

The report also said that wind energy also generated $8 million in annual property taxes and $4 million in annual income for landowners who lease their land for wind energy projects.