Indiana Could Benefit As Wind Industry Grows Nationally

By Nick Janzen, WBOI NPR News March 20, 2017 New data from the U.S. Energy Information Agency shows the wind industry is stronger than ever. The amount of installed wind energy overtook hydroelectric for the first time at the end of 2016, to lead U.S. renewable energy capacity. That news follows a December report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which projects wind turbine technician is the fastest growing occupation for 2014-2024. American Wind Energy Association Analyst Hannah Hunt says those trends are also playing out in Indiana. Click here to read the entire article. 

Flat Rock Wind Responds to Court Decision

Earlier this week the Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed the Rush County Board of Zoning Appeals (“BZA”) July 2015 decision to enact a 2,300-foot setback distance, from non-participating property lines, on Apex’s special exception permits for construction of Flat Rock Wind.  We are disappointed with the Indiana Court of Appeals decision. As we have demonstrated, the BZA contradicted its own zoning ordinance by arbitrarily creating a new setback distance and method for determining how this setback is measured. Regulatory uncertainty in clearly established ordinances pertaining to any industry sends a clear signal that Rush County is NOT open for business.  This precedent creates economic gridlock in Rush County – essentially impeding individual property rights, private investment, tax revenues and local jobs. We will continue to pursue all available options to ensure both Henry and Rush Counties benefit from Flat Rock Wind.  Click here to read the Connersville News Examiner coverage of the decision.  ### For more information, please contact: Dan Blondeau, Public Affairs Manager (434) 270-7496 |

Apex reacts to road use agreement OK

December 25, 2016 By KEVIN GREEN, COURIER TIMES Apex Clean Energy officials are pleased the Henry County Commissioners have approved a road use agreement. County officials stated in the past that three agreements needed to be in place to ensure the county is in a position to take advantage of the benefits a wind development project makes possible. The agreements include economic development, which details monetary payments to the county based on the amount of energy produced; decommissioning, which specifies who is responsible for taking the wind turbines down and how that will be paid for at some point in the future; and road use, which spells out the wind developer’s responsibilities with respect to repairing damage to local roads that might occur during the wind turbine construction process. Continue reading

Wind company chimes in on committee recommendation

Wind company chimes in on committee recommendation Courier Times: Sunday, December 4, 2016 6:00 am | Updated: 8:29 am, Mon Dec 5, 2016. By TRAVIS WEIK - Apex Clean Energy, the company proposing the Flat Rock Wind Farm in southern Henry County, released a statement earlier this week following the vote and dissolution of a local committee tasked with reviewing the local wind energy conversion system (WECS) ordinance. The WECS committee voted Nov. 22 to recommend changing the county code so that turbines had to be at least 1,250 feet away from any residence, regardless of how the property is zoned. Towers need to be at least 1.1 times their height away from neighboring property lines. Continue reading

Wind energy can deliver big economic boost

Letter to the Editor Wind energy can deliver big economic boost (Source: Rushville Republican)  Dear Editor, Indiana has a valuable natural resource that’s ready for harvest. Wind energy can deliver a big economic boost to communities – creating jobs, paying millions in property taxes and leases to landowners, and generating clean, homegrown electricity from a source that will never run out. While there are plenty of Hoosiers who see the benefits of wind, some have questioned whether it’s right for them. When changes to our communities are proposed, we want to be sure they’re in harmony with a safe place to live. Let me set the record straight. Continue reading

Meteorological tower variance OK'd

Meteorological tower variance OK'd Posted: Sunday, November 13, 2016 6:00 am By KEVIN GREEN - A meteorological tower near Lewisville may remain in place for three more years following action by the Henry County Board of Zoning Appeals. The lone item of business before the BZA Thursday was a request from Flat Rock Wind, LLC. The company, which hopes to develop a “wind farm” in southern Henry County, was seeking a five year extension on the commissioned approved use that allowed the tower to be erected in the first place. Continue reading


South Bend Council votes unanimously for clean energy transition City leaders speak out for a future with cleaner energy, while transitioning away from AEP-Rockport Coal Plant. Sierra Club, South Bend, IN -- Tonight, the South Bend Common Council voted unanimously to endorse reduced dependence on coal and increased investment in clean energy for the City of South Bend.   Continue reading

Rushville Republican: Flat Rock Wind Announces Winners of Student Essay Competition

Rushville Republican coverage of student essay winners. See the full article here. 


For Immediate ReleaseMonday, June 20, 2016 FLAT ROCK WIND QUESTIONS COURTS RECENT DECISION REGARDING THE PROJECT Asks Indiana Court of Appeals to review the lower court’s decision (Rushville, IN) – Last week, Flat Rock Wind filed a notice of appeal from the recent decision made by the Rush Superior Court, and the company plans to appeal the decision to the Indiana Court of Appeals. “We believe that the Rush County Area Board of Zoning Appeals (“BZA”) contradicted its own zoning ordinance when it arbitrarily created a new setback distance and invented a new method for determining how this setback is measured,” said Robert Eherenman, attorney for Flat Rock Wind. “It is clear from the record that the BZA did not act in accordance with Indiana law when the BZA created this massive increase in the setback.” Flat Rock Wind officials indicated that they would prefer to work directly with Rush County officials to resolve the matter. Until those discussions resume, Flat Rock Wind will continue to follow the appropriate legal process. “It’s unfortunate that this decision continues to remain unresolved,” explained Brenna Gunderson, senior development manager for Flat Rock Wind. “We hope the decision can be resolved locally. However, we remain confident that we will prevail on the merits and the lower court’s decision will be overturned.” Gunderson went on to explain that Flat Rock Wind continues to hear from landowners and community members, who want to see the benefits the project can bring to Henry and Rush counties. “The bottom line is that Flat Rock Wind has been designed to ensure protection of human health, property, and the environment. Above all else, Apex remains committed to developing Flat Rock in a manner that benefits both Rush and Henry Counties,” concluded Gunderson. Click here to view the original release. 

Henry County Council OKs 2nd wind farm tax abatement

The Courier Times Friday, April 29, 2016 - The Henry County Council approved a 10-year tax abatement Wednesday evening for the Flat Rock wind project in southern Henry County with a 5-1 vote. The public hearing leading up to the voted lasted more than two hours. The council meeting ran so long, in fact, that the Henry County Commissioners’ meeting, which routinely takes place following the council’s meeting, started an hour later than planned. To read the full article from The Courier Times, click here.