Landowner Support Letter

We recently received a letter written by one of our landowners in support of Flat Rock Wind. David Bush is located in Washington County, Indiana, and we encourage you to read his full letter:

Ms. Buckley:

I am writing to convey my feelings toward the installation of wind power generators in Rush County.

My opinion is: Do-It-Now.

Why do I have an opinion you wonder?

Because I own 160 acres in Washington Township. Listed under “Bush Trust 160.” It is so listed in the 2015 Plat Book. I grew up on this land, 1947–1966, and through inheritance and purchase now own the acreage debt free.

The farm acreage is MINE, and I want to sell electricity—rather than buy it.

“Harvesting the Wind” is a good venture, for me and Rush County.

For the last 48 years I have lived in Pensacola, Florida, where I retired from a computer company. I watched Westinghouse build a big plant here to manufacture parts for their nuclear power plants. After 20 years, Westinghouse closed down…as the world was scared of such power…and zero such plants were ordered.

Nuclear power is dangerous, most recently in Japan—wind power is not.

In comes GE, and sets up manufacture of their wind generators. Now 200+ people are employed there…they ship a finished generator every 40 hours. Some are destined for the Fayette County wind project. The big generator blades come into the port here—destined for mid-America. Jobs for local workers and installation crews at the destination.

On the other side of the coin is our “dirty power.” Gulf Power is part of the Southern Company in Atlanta. They must do something to add more clean power to their, two weeks ago, they announced they are going to buy major power from an Oklahoma supplier of wind power. So, I am buying “wind power,” when I really wanted to sell it. Ironic I say.

I do also try to listen to my “elders” and glean wisdom from experience in life. My stepmother just sold 10 acres of her farm near Hoopeston, Illinois, for a substation and a windmill on her property…to Hoopeston Wind, an Apex project. A review is at She is a wise lady...a Public Nurse/RN by profession. 96 years of age, and still participates in the share farming decisions on her 700 acres.

My personal experience with wind power has been to observe where I could. Traveling widely with car shows and vacation. I have sought out wind farms in Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Montana, etc.

The first visit was with my brother to the installations up by Lafayette in NW Indiana. We found an installation where a farmer had 7,000 acres with 300 windmills on the acreage he farmed. He was quite happy with the activities. “Not a disturbance, better roads than before the installation.”

Obviously, he had a lot of rental land he worked, but no problem working with the installations.

In Iowa and out west (just returned in April from an 8,100 mile trip out west), my girlfriend and I drove up to several windmills…on the access roads that are part of every site. The noise is virtually nonexistent. A light whishing sound is all. My AC unit makes way more noise than any of the installations we visited. We took pictures right under the generators…no disturbance.

We also visited the installation north of Richmond. Same result, quiet power going to someone’s house.

Of course, you are going to see them…but, they are going to be in Henry and Fayette County. You might as well get some benefit also.

My recent trip last week to Rush County was for two purposes. To visit with the wind power operatives, and attend the RHS60 reunion of 55 years. We took a couple days and visited with Paul Wilkerson, made two trips to see Bruce Levi, spoke at length to Mark Bacon. Also visited with Verlin Custer and got three signs to place on my property.

Rush County and Rushville desperately need funds to repair the roads, streets, and fix the many potholes everywhere. I finally found the Chamber of Commerce open, due to the insurance office being open. I was able to get some new maps and phone books.

The wind installation would provide a good amount of tax money to improve the facilities.

I was surprised to find a big table at the fair…“NO WIND.” Must have been 6 people there. Trying to keep the county from sharing in the future.

A long time ago…the early 1900s…when the Model “T” came out, many towns required a man on foot with a lantern to precede a car through the town.

May we move forward.

Thank you,

David Bush

Raleigh, Indiana